Antonio BONTERELLI aka Bone SKELETANA - Drums

Born on the wrong side of town, Bone had to live on his wits to ensure survival on the mean streets of Nuneaton. Despite a tough beginning, this lowly street urchin realised what he was destined to become. With an unparalleled skill for hitting things coupled with a passion for body art he transcended this place and was duly ordained as ‘The Tattooed Drum Messiah’.

Bone was the driving force behind ‘Bronze’, the seminal Rockers who dragged their audience kicking and screaming into a world of Rock excess. After spiralling out of control on a cocktail of wine, women and amateur dramatics, Bone took a grip of his manhood pointing it in the direction of eyeliner, glitter and high heels.

‘Wolfsbayne’ were formed and on course for great things until the demons raised their ugly heads again. The Glam Rockers imploded after alcohol and religion took hold within the camp. Bone knew it was time for change.

A chance meeting with Chico Fernandez in a ‘house of ill repute’ brought together the backbone of Hendrix inspired ‘Crosstown Traffic’. Three years of hard gigging and hard living took its’ toll. Bone bought a Harley, a case of Bud, asked his mother to cut the arms off his leather jacket and tonned up with U.S. inspired Metalheads ‘Sunset Rose’.

With record deals on the table and top gigs in the pipeline, the endless perms and the smell of hairspray were not Bones style. History was about to be written. The lure of the 8 Ball was just too great!

Like a moth to Delfuego’s flame, Bone was reunited with Chico and became the Powerhouse of ‘8 Ball Joe’.


Push it to the Limit

Hit it ‘til it Bleeds

I am He

The Tattooed Drum Messiah