Born the seventh son of a Spanish Gigolo, the boy Chico was always destined for great things. After busking on the mean streets of the Midlands he was thrust into the limelight playing lead Guitar with Acid Rockers 'Freespirit'. The toast of many a School Gig and Bar-b-cue, he was headhunted by the destructive R&B trio 'Lost Cause'. A year of Rock Solid Self-Abuse left the young Chico Battle Scarred and Drained. After realising again what his right arm was for, he returned, Fender Bass in hand and fired up with the spirit of Hendrix in his heart. The band 'Crosstown Traffic' were an instant success but most importantly brought him together for the first time with drummer Bone Skeletana. Following three hectic years of Endless Gigging, Endless Partying and Endless Ending, Chico eventually found his true Nirvana.

 '8 Ball Joe' was born and the Latin passion in his loins was rekindled. Big Rig, Big Sound and Big Trousers are his trademark. Chico’s style is instantly recognisable. Fast, Furious yet with Articulation and Attitude. He will always be at one with his Fender.


Feel Him, See Him, Hear Him.

Throw away your sticks and Rock.

For He Has Risen.

He Will Come Again!

Chico Ricardo FERNANDEZ Bass Guitar