From: Pancho
Subject: New Song
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 18:17:49
Hi There
Great gigs at the weekend (went to 'em both!!). How about doing something very different like, Tubeway Army's
 'Are Friends Electric'. I think it's a classic.
Keep it up

From: Ria
Subject: Bank Holiday at The Anker
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 19:29:12
Hi Guys
Thanks for another top-do at the Anker Bank Holiday Sunday - should imagine you are all about 2 stone
 lighter with the heat! Haven't been able to get to see you play since Christmas  :o(  but it more than made
 up for it Sunday!Likes:Radar Love, (as always) and Put Your Hands On (Joe, get your 'a-huh-yeah's' sorted!!
There was no 'Sanctuary'
The Blacksmiths in Barwell has opened under new management and are putting bands on again - get yourselves
 back in the village.  (Means I can walk to the pub and don't have to drink coke all night - thats twice in a row 
I have '8-Balled' sober!!)

From: Ria
Subject: Anker Gig
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 15:49:48
Thanks for another cracking good wheeze at the Anker on Saturday!
 Although we travelled 50 miles to see you at the Walnut Tree in Blisworth a few weeks ago, don't expect it again
now we know we can get our 8 Ball 'fix' locally!
Radar Love and She Sells Sanctuary were outstanding!
		x J
(You remember, the classy bird - ladybird tattoo & pints of cider!)

From: Deana
Subject: Appleby Magna Gig
Date: 21st July 2008 10:21:53

We all thought you were fab - gonna struggle to get a better line-up for next year!! We will definitely have you again!!


From: Sarah
Subject: Hiya
Date: 17th May 2008 01:45:09

8 Ball

Can't wait for the next gig.
Lots of lurvee

Sarah, Jane and Emma

From: Mick Lee
Subject: New Songs
Date: 13 May 2008 21:09:17

Hi Lads

Great gig at the Crown lst Satday. Have you thought of doing any Bowie tracks? Starman is a classic. Cheers.

Mick and Debs.

From: Adam
Subject: Nags Gig Sat
Date: 15 January 2007 21:42:02

Hey Guys

hey ya guys
sat was amazeing cnt wait till the next gig and yeh when u gona get the s-hirts sorted they will go dwn a storm. keep me informed, keep up
the good work.


From: Lee Marsden
Subject: New Year
Date: 06 January 2007 18:35:09

Hey Guys

Just to say thanks for a great New Year's Eve gig at the Kingswood Tavern.
 Even our unborn baby was rockin inside my wifes womb.
Cheers lads! Keep up the good work.
From Mars, Diane and Bump.

From: Willy Adam
Subject: Courthouse
Date: 24 September 2006 00:40:10

Hey Guys

we just got back from your show in rugby you guys were amazing really brilliant it was a great show quite an inspiration to our band so keep on playing thanks again.   chris , louis , chris

p.s. just asking whether you know of any good band names for us cheers

From: Jenny Thompson
Subject: Kingswood last nite!!
Date: 10 September 2006 11:56:01

Hi Boys

Mega gig last nite!! Love the new numbers especially 'Monsters'. Rock on and see you at the Nags on Saturday. Bring your camera!! Keep it Up!!   Jen xx

From: Lynne
Subject: Blacksmiths Arms Gig
Date: 09 July 2006 15:34:12


great gig at blacksmiths on Saturday! got well wrecked and had a good ol' boogie.! Sorry didn't get to say bye, taxi came early, but will make it to another sometime. keep on rockin'! your fab!

Love to Bone, Lynne x

From: Jenny
Subject: Friday night shenanigans!
Date: 25 June 2006 13:36:44

Hello 8 Ball Joe,

Thanks for a fantastic birthday on Friday!  It was lots of fun, although my feet hurt from all the crazy dancing!  Hope you enjoy the photos, looking forward to next time.

Jenny xxx 

From: Hayley
Subject: 8 Ball Gig - Sat 17th June
Date: 12 June 2006 14:34:52
Hi guys,
Great night again at the Kingswood, full of pleasant surprises! Rock on!!!!!!!!!
H x

From: Janie Taunton
Subject: New Site
Date: 28 May 2006 22:58:39

Sexy new site boys, like the download idea, maybe throw in a few of those originals at a few selected gigs. The gear page is a nice touch too, all in all a site for sore eyes


From: Jon Binns
Subject: New Website
Date: 28 May 2006 20:48:34
Hey 8 Ball!.. I love the new website design... and the download page is even better! I'll be giving your site a visit every week 'till
I get the whole album.
From Mini 8 Ball, 
                        Jon Binns

From: Zo
Subject: w00pw00p
Date: 03 May 2006 09:24:08

Heya guys,

You all did fab' on Friday night at the Jugsters Rally, it was a laugh and I hope to see you play again soon. Sorry I couldn't see the whole of the first half, I had to travel from a biking club to get there :0 Okies, I'll let you guys get on. See you soon.  Three definite places will be at Kingswood, Nags Head and White Lion. 

See you there!! xXxXx luv zo!

From: Hayley
Subject: Ink n Iron
Date: 05 April 2006 14:39:20

Hi guys,

What a performance at the Ink n Iron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Friggin superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and cant wait to see the photo's on the website that Chico "Bailey" took of the lovely "art work"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley x

From: ZoJo
Subject: Hello Dave!
Date: 20 March 2006 14:57:14

Heya 8 Ball Joe!!

Right then, I know that the lead singer- Joe has a t-shirt with a little man saying "HELLO DAVE"... and what I am asking is yeah, whether you would wear that t-shirt the next time you play at the Nags Head. Sorry if this sounds stupid but I have this well wacky thing about shouting "Hello Dave" but anyhow......!

Anyhow, I was thinking about a new song that you could play right... and Leanne and I came up with The Who - My Generation. That would be wicked! Well anyways, see you soon. Oh yeah. By the way...YOUR BAND ROCKS!!


From: Steven Marsh
Subject: White Lion
Date: 22 January 2006 23:01:17

Great gig at the white lion in Bulko on Friday. First time I’d been to that part of the world. Who was the cabaret act? Do you usually cart around with you an army of p***ed up groupies or were they ‘local’ people.  I think you all coped great with all the attention!! Keep on Rocking and we’ll see you soon.

Stevo and Hazel 


From: Michelle Taylor
Subject: Happy New Year 8 Ball
Date: 01 January 2006 17:59:26

Happy New Year 8 Ball

Cheers for giving us some top drawer Rock and Roll this year. Keep it up!!

Michelle x 

From: Amy Westfield
Subject: Happy New Year!!
Date: 01 January 2006 15:15:01

The Nags New Year party was excellent. You were excellent too (although my ears are still ringing!!).Rock on 8 Ball and a big smacker for 2006.

Amy xx


From: Deborah Wilson
Subject: Happy New Year
Date: 01 January 2006 11:42:53

Wot a way to end the year!!  Awesome, loud, ……Ace!!! Keep it up in 2006!!!

Debs, Kate, Dale, Susie. x


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