Next Gig: Jack's, Bedworth - Saturday 2nd March 2019

If you require your Rock ’n’ Roll in huge meaty slabs then 8 Ball Joe are the band for you. Accept no substitute. No tribute band. No wigged up impressionists. You need  8 Ball!!

Wanna get back from a gig blind drunk, ears ringing, and private parts stinging? Then a good hard dose of the 8 Ball Boys is the remedy you need.

Wake up in a strange place, disorientated with green knees and a smile on your face? You know you’ve been 8 Balled!

3 Amigos, born in the eye of a hurricane and baptised in a barrel full of butchers’ knives. Joe, Chico and Bone deliver the goods that will make you dance like a wild bull rider. Admit it, You need 8 Ball, and you need it BAD!!

Assume the position!

Kick Out The Jams Motherhubbards!

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