Joe Marshall DELFUEGO Guitar / Vocals

It all started with punky teenage R&B’ers 'The Shots' who blazed a sonic trail across Thatcher’s new wave Britain in an alcohol fuelled frenzy. The hard drinking, hard smoking outfit inevitably exploded in a fireball of their own abuse leaving Joe thirsty for more.

He hung around the local bars of his native Atherstone, collected a lot of ink from the local tattooist and became known by the ladies as "Salami Joe" . Tired of his playboy lifestyle Joe helped form Midlands band 'La Grange'. The band produced their own unique flavour of sweaty bluesy rock ’n’ roll, delighted audiences and soon became known as a top live act. Although receiving attention from all the right the places 'La Grange' found themselves out of favour amongst the synthesiser based music of that time. The band left behind some fine tunes that stand the test of time, but little did Joe realise, the best was yet to come.

He didn’t know it but he needed 8 Ball, he needed it bad! Assuming the position he became a founder member of '8 Ball Joe' and the rest, amigo’s, is history!! Known for his gritty guitar playing, characteristic vocals and gold tooth display, he rides with one of the hardest working and professional bands on the circuit. Joe is a veteran of many recording sessions and countless live shows.


With Les Paul and sideburns slung low

Joe kicks out that sound that is pure Delfuego,

Pure 8 Ball!